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In partnership with Reveal Solutions we are excited to bring mBIT Certification to Canada!

mBRAINING IS COMING TO YOU!Neuro Science has proven that we not only have one, but three brains! In addition to the brain in the head, we also have a brain in our hearts and in our gastrointestinal system. So what?A question Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu asked, and by combining the latest research in neuro-science with their long expertise in behavioural modeling, they have created a powerful model for how intelligence in all three brains can be accessed and used optimally.

When you become an mBIT Coach, you become part of the exciting new field, and can help to put your own stamp on mBIT’s development as a field. In addi-tion to everything you learn about the mBIT toolbox, you also gain access to a growing professional network of openness and collaboration with other mBIT professionals around the world.

• How neuroscience research has shown that you have three brains, and how these findings validate ancient wisdom teachings and practises.
• How to harness your innate intelligences and generative wis-dom through the process of ’mBraining’.
• An entire suite of powerful and easy-to-learn ‘multiple Brain Integration Techniques’, collectively, known as mBIT.
• The 9 Prime Functions of head, heart and gut brains and how each provides you with a different ability and talent.
• The 5 classes of Neural Integration Constraints (cal-led NICs) that give deep insight into how the three brains may produce internal conflict within yourself and what you can do about it.
• How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System through the ’mBIT Balanced Breathing’ method to quickly relieve stress and gain access to the innate intelligences of your three brains
• How to work with the Core Competencies Framework, to quickly diagnose unresourceful states and discern what’s neeeded to bring the nervous system back into balance for optimal functioning in all three brains.
• The technique of ’Neural Syntax Mapping’, to explicitly reveal the functional or dysfunctional sequence in which the three brains are working together or conflicting with each other.
• The ’mBIT Foundational Sequence’, to ensure you are working with the three brains in the optimum sequence for generative results.
• What ’Neural Integration Engagements’ are, and how to work with them to significantly amplify the effectiveness and power of your techniques whenever working with the three brains.
• How to recognise and overcome 15 types of Neural Integration Blocks, that may temporarily prevent full integration between the three brains.