MKH Leadership Competency Model

MKH Leadership Competency Model

At ManagerKnowHow (MKH), our approach to management and leadership is based on an experiential and evidence informed model called the “MKH Leadership Competency Model”.

This model is founded on what we have learned from working with (and as!) experienced managers, leaders, and organizational development consultants. The competencies span all industries and we have consistently found them to be requirements for success in virtually any leadership or management position.

  • Leading Self: inner attributes including Personal Vision/Values, and Self Awareness.
  • Situational Leadership/Decision Making: critical leadership aptitudes.
  • 10 Key Skills: ten key skills that managers/leaders need to be successful.
  • Industry Knowledge/Organizational Awareness: contextual factors that influence management/leadership success.

All of our products and services are linked to the MKH Leadership Competency Model.  We offer courses for every section of the model with the exception of Industry Knowledge and Organizational Awareness.

About ManagerKnowHow

Everything we do is designed to be as efficient and straightforward as possible. While our work is based on researched evidence and considerable experience, we shun complexity and lofty theories. We choose instead to translate what we know into practical skills and language that makes sense and provides what leaders need. In a nutshell, our philosophy is simple: To share our passion and expertise for deeply effective leadership and management practices by providing access to practical, meaningful, and innovative resources.

Our promise is to provide leaders with the best information and tools possible that improves their practice. With leader commitment we assist in fostering healthy workplaces where individuals thrive, and organizational potential is realized.

We promise to:
• provide innovative, practice and evidence informed resources for managers / leaders so that they can become more effective in their role.
• provide ‘just in time’ toolkits that managers and leaders can use to work with and develop their teams.
• provide personal development services for managers / leaders such as Mentoring, Coaching, and appropriate assessments.
• provide a platform for leaders and managers to collaborate, share, and connect with each other in custom online community.

PassionWe are passionate about helping others to develop their leadership practice.
IntegrityWe are honest and forthright in all interactions. We do what we say we will do.
InnovationWe are on the cutting edge of technology and creatively explore solutions.
ExcellenceWe provide tools and resources that are of exceptional quality.
PartnershipWe are trusted partners for development within your organization.

MKH Skills at a Glance

  • Myers Brigg Type Inventory (MBTI) Certified
  • Emotional Intelligence EQi and EQ360 Certified
  • Coaching Certified
  • Human Systems Dynamics Certified
  • Masters Level Educated

Meet Our Team

Karen Bowen MA, BA, CACE
Karen Bowen MA, BA, CACEPrincipal/Consultant/Facilitator
With over 20 years’ experience, Karen supports organizations and teams through comprehensive leadership curriculums and interventional organizational development services. Karen holds a BA in English, a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education, and a Masters in Leadership through Royal Roads University. Karen’s certifications in graphic facilitation, Power+Systems, Clear Leadership, Human Systems Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence and MBTI allow her to deliver innovative leadership learning programs and powerful organizational interventions.

Karen is conscious about the values guiding her work and focuses on achieving real results through learning, people and culture; a very complex balancing act. Translating a somewhat mysterious world of personal and organizational values, leadership skills, team dynamics, and culture change into metrics, measurable trends, concrete strategy and practical objectives is a unique skill that Karen brings to her work.

Also recognized for her values-based strategic planning approach, Karen has worked with a diverse business field from front-line employees to mid and executive level leaders. A passionate outdoor enthusiast and athlete as well as a practicing fitness and yoga instructor; Karen practices a holistic approach to life and leadership.

Drew Bird MSC, MA
Drew Bird MSC, MA Senior Consultant/Coach and Partner
Drew is an established leadership and organization development practitioner with more than a decade of experience coaching leaders, developing programs, and creating solutions that generate results. He has experience working with leaders, coaches, consultants, and organizations of all sizes. His broad exposure to organizations in a variety of sectors has allowed him to witness first-hand the difference that effective leaders, and effective leadership practices, can have on an organization and the people within it.

Drew is a Premier Partner and an approved Certifying Trainer for the EQ-i and EQ360 instruments by Multi-Health Systems (MHS), as well as the Risk Type Compass assessment and the Pearman Personality Integrator. In addition, he holds certifications as an Achieve Global Master Trainer, is a qualified MBTI practitioner, and is certified in the Hogan HDS, HPI, and MVPI instruments.

Drew holds an MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of London, England, and an MA in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada. He is a member of the Canadian Psychological Society (CPA) and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Lee Crevier MEd, ACC
Lee Crevier MEd, ACCCertified Coach/Facilitator
Lee is a passionate and supportive coach who loves to learn. She completed the “Co- Active Coaching Skills for Healthcare Professionals Program” in September 2013 and has loved coaching others ever since! She began her nursing career working in residential and acute care and then worked in public health. She later spent much of her clinical time working in mental health, both in community mental health and addictions and inpatient psychiatry. She also worked in emergency mental health and has done street nursing. Lee was also a clinical instructor for nursing students at UBC Okanagan and Stenberg College.

She obtained her psychology and nursing degrees at McMaster University in Ontario and then completed her Masters in Education, specializing in technology through the University of British Columbia-Okanagan.

Lee is also a certified instructor in Clear Leadership, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Lumina Learning, True Colours, Achieve Global, Fierce Conversations and Coaching out of the Box. Lee loves the outdoors and spends time kayaking, hiking, biking, skiing and traveling with her husband, Steve. She is an avid reader and has a keen interest in computers and technology.

Lee has great compassion and is very understanding of others. She has a sense of what is needed to further conversations and what values might help drive beneficial behaviour. She has a fun and constructive sense of humour that allows her to playfully relieve tension. Lee is cool under pressure, can be counted on to hold things together during tough times, and is not knocked off balance by the unanticipated. Lee can be expected to use logic to uncover hidden problems and come up with ways to help others come up with effective solutions. She builds constructive, positive relationships and is skilled at defusing high-tension situations comfortably.
Lee will create a safe place to explore ways of thinking to move you forward.

Denise Swift MEd, CPHR, BA
Denise Swift MEd, CPHR, BASenior Facilitator/Consultant
Denise Swift is an organizational development consultant, change management specialist and leadership development facilitator and coach. She provides training and consulting in change management, leadership development, project management and strategic planning.

Also a Chartered Professional of Human Resources (CPHR), Denise holds a Master of Education, specialized in Work and Learning, a BA in sociology, and certifications in change management and leadership development. Denise is a certified Prosci Change Management practitioner, GE Change Acceleration Process trainer, Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI] instructor, and Power+Systems facilitator.

As a lifelong learner, Denise is passionate about creating learning that honours the learner’s experience while utilizing adult learning principles to support learning in a meaningful and practical way. Denise believes learning is closely connected with action and infuses a powerful sense of purpose and meaning in the learning process, which is a key component to embracing and adopting change.

Denise is focused to make a difference to help other’s succeed in their ability to manage change more effectively. Denise’s extensive experience in program development, training and coaching employees, and facilitating organization-wide change supports her ability to foster strategic thinking and collaboration through structured processes and coaching methodology.

Cathy Morris MA, HCS
Cathy Morris MA, HCS Emotional Intelligence Coach
Cathy is a talent management professional with over 16 years of strategic people process and culture evolution work. She is a certified Human Capital Strategist, holds an M.A. in Sociology, and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) Coach. Her expertise includes leadership development, organizational design and development, and human resources strategy.

Cathy works closely with leaders to identify and establish culture-shaping behaviors and systems. She creates workplaces which foster innovation, employee engagement and demonstrable business results. Her approach is consultative, asking key questions to lead productive dialogues with difficult or charged topics. Cathy frames her role as translator and facilitator, helping clients to discover and articulate the best solutions to their challenges.

Throughout her career, Cathy has served businesses in the areas of training and performance management, leadership development, business process redesign, and overall organizational change. Her experience with startup to Fortune 500 organizations has focused on leading the development of people solutions to increase performance effectiveness and process transformation, while focusing on direct support of business needs.