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Leadership Development Courses


MKH offers a complete curriculum package for your organization based on our MKH Leadership Competency Model {LINK to About us}.

Custom/Blended Programs

Blended and/or custom programs cover a broad range of topics related to effective leadership including emotional intelligence, self-awareness, communication skills, workplace coaching, conflict resolution and management, performance management, change management, project management, effective meetings, and productivity. Specific sessions, type of sessions, delivery methods, and learning objectives are selected in consultation with the client. Program participants [...]

Strategic Planning

Translate the complex world of strategic planning into metrics, measurable trends, concrete goals and practical objectives that will move your business forward. Learn how to break the cycle of strategic planning that is time consuming, complex and ineffective. With graphic facilitation techniques and a focus on 6 essential questions this innovative approach provides compelling vision, values [...]

Workplace Culture and Teams

Transform your organization into a culture of trust and commitment; engaging employees and fostering partnerships at all levels. Struggling teams, lack of results, and low morale are indicators of dysfunction within teams and culture. Engagement at all levels, combined with authentic team conversations provides a new springboard into positive team and workplace culture. Custom designs [...]

Train the Trainer


If you are looking for a way to implement a top notch Leadership Development program this is the option for you. We will teach your learning and development staff to deliver our custom/standard programs and provide professional development materials. MKH will brand our material with your organizations’ logos/graphics as well as provide detailed support and knowledge [...]

Mentoring Software Solution

Want the professional benefits of mentoring and looking for a solution to easily connect people?  Link expert mentors with developing mentees with our custom mentoring software.  Fully branded to your organization, MKH Mentoring provides a simple way to give your leaders access to relationship-based skill development at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.  Research [...]


Need a expert facilitator to either guide a custom team/organizational conversation or deliver training content? Our team of professional facilitators can design custom interactions that encourage participation, foster trust and build solid organizational teams. We can also deliver your internal content and curriculums either in a face to face or virtual classroom format. Contact us for [...]